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Youth Empowerment Shelter

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Devco Mechanical


514 E. 9th Street

The Dalles, OR 97058

514 705-4777


The mission of Youth Empowerment Shelter is to provide youth ages 10 to 17 who are in crisis a place of physical and emotional safety while assisting them to build positive relationships and develop their individual potentials.

Y.E.S. offers:

» Accommodations

» Meals – 3+ per day » Family restoration assistance from certified mediators » House community of trained, supportive staff

» Community service referrals » Parenting classes thru Wasco County Youth Services

» Life skills training » Educational assistance » Option for spiritual guidance » Services to non-resident youth



There are many factors that contribute to a youth becoming ‘homeless.’ Factors of economic hardship, changing family structures,

substance abuse, missing or separated parents, mental health issues, values clashes, and other situations that make ‘home’ complicated and can trigger a situation that is too complex or fragile to manage. It doesn’t really matter what the ‘reason’, a youth away from their family is in a very precarious position, vulnerable to many forms of danger.

Y.E.S. is licensed by DHS as a child caring agency, and staff are trained to provide support that addresses the needs of youth in a manner that empowers them to move toward adulthood with confidence. We work closely with the network of community service agencies in our area to find strategic interventions that address the issues contributing to the homeless situations.

We often see hope come alive in these youth who then develop a vision for a path forward.

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