United Way of the Columbia Gorge

United Way of the Columbia Gorge

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We are committed to strengthening our community by funding a diverse group of critical programs that improve the lives of people living in the Columbia Gorge. United Way of the Columbia Gorge has no specific religious, ethnic, business or other affiliation but exists solely for the benefit of the community at large and all of its members..
When we think outside of ourselves, we have the power to facilitate change. By realizing others’ lives are linked to our own, our compassion grows and we influence the condition of all. The United Way believes in the power of unity.


The United Way of the Columbia Gorge is a non-profit organization that is changing thousands of lives in our community by funding a diverse group of local programs that serve basic human needs and foster healthy independence. When you give to the United Way, your contribution supports the entire community — serving many age groups and demographics.

Here’s how it works: local non-profit agencies throughout the Gorge need financial support beyond their own annual fundraising efforts to keep their programs running and provide children and adults the services they desperately need. Each year, any non-profit human service program from Hood River, Klickitat, Sherman, Skamania and Wasco Counties with a two year operating history is welcome to apply for United Way funding.* Applicants undergo a rigorous screening and interview process to demonstrate how their program will directly help people living in the Gorge.

A team of volunteer Gorge residents representing the five counties selects funding recipients based on stringent standards in governance, ethics, financial management and efficient/effective program operations. Each funded
program must also provide detailed
reporting on how funding was used with outcome results.

Since our inception in 2006, we have invested
over $2 million into our Gorge community. In
2017, the United Way of the Gorge allocated
$274,826 to 36 local programs.

*Programs must meet United Way criteria.


With over 50 volunteers throughout the Gorge, the money we allocate to local agencies is all raised by local people — neighbors helping neighbors. We are proud to say that 100% of the money donated directly by individuals, and through employee payroll deductions, gets channeled to local non-profit programs, as our sponsorship/event income covers all overhead costs.

Fundraising Events
• Masquerade Gala Campaign Kickoff Dinner/Auction (Hood River Council)

• Hit Machine Campaign Kickoff Block Party (Wasco/Sherman Council)

• Maryhill Loops Rd. “Take the Hill” Run (Klickitat/Skamania Council)

• Aaron Meyer Holiday Concert Benefit

Make a Donation
Donate a one-time gift, set up an employee matching funds program, or contribute through a monthly payroll deduction. You can donate to the general fund, or designate your donation to a specific agency or county.

Conduct a Company Campaign
Invite our volunteers to inform your employees of United Way’s work in the Gorge, and give them the opportunity to become involved as volunteers or financial supporters through a payroll deduction. Corporate gifts and employee matching funds bolster the giving power of your company.

Our work is powered by volunteers. We invite you to be a part of one of our three Gorge councils —Wasco/Sherman, Hood River and Klickitat/Skamania — or serve on our volunteer allocations committee.

Sponsor all or part of a fundraising event.

Phone: 541-386-6100