Your Guide to non-profits in the Columbia River Gorge

Rowena Wildlife Clinic

Rowena Wildlife Clinic

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6900 Hwy. 30 W.
The Dalles, OR 97058

We provide veterinary services to injured wildlife and emergency care for injured stray domestic animals.
We are proud to be a part of the network of animal shelters, veterinarians, wildlife officials, and caring individuals who work to make the Columbia River Gorge community a safe and welcoming home for all animals.


Our primary focus is on wildlife rehabilitation and return of healed native species to the wild. We treat about 250 birds and mammals each year. 50-60% are successfully rehabilitated and released. 25% die soon after admission due to injuries. The remainders are euthanized or are placed in education programs within the U.S.

We partner with the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center raptor program and with the USFS Mt. Hood Ranger station to bring education raptors into the classroom and to other community events. We also partner with local shelters to provide emergency care for unowned domestic animals.


Corporate Giving Opportunities
Please see our website for corporate giving opportunities:

Sponsorships may be directed toward our wildlife, stray domestic animal, or education programs. Funds can also be directed to our designated endowment fund at the Gorge Community Foundation

Donations may be made through our website or may be mailed directly to us.

We are always in need of wildlife transporters and veterinarians or veterinary assistants interested in wildlife care.

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