Hood River Adopt-A-Dog

Hood River Adopt A Dog

Sponsored by Cascade Pet Camp

Operating out of the
Hukari Shelter
3910 Heron Drive
Hood River, OR 97031
(in Odell)

To serve as a safety net for dogs.
Vision / Goals
Adopt A Dog’s purpose is to:
Provide placement of homeless dogs with caring owners
Provide humane and quality care for all shelter dogs
Drastically decrease euthanasia
Reduce pet over-population by spaying/neutering
Be a resource for community members
Provide safe and supportive opportunities for volunteerism
Provide discounted vet services for families in need
Provide pet education



Hood River Adopt A Dog is the non-profit organization that cares for all shelter dogs at the county-owned Hukari Shelter in Odell, OR. We provide veterinary treatment and adoption services for unclaimed, lost or abandoned dogs.

Our program is successful, is well run and continues to grow. Our small staff and a roster of volunteers work hard to make this happen – providing over 5,000 hours of care each year. Our volunteers provide twice daily care at-shelter – 365 days a year – and we have foster families who take dogs into their homes while they await permanent placement. Each dog leaves our program in better shape than when they arrived at the shelter.

With funds raised by Hood River Adopt A Dog, all adopted dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and, all too often, are provided urgent medical care made necessary from previous neglect or injury. We rely on donations, small grants, fundraisers and minimal adoption fees to do this work. In return for their care, our dogs “pay it forward” by bringing fun and love to their new families!


Fundraising Events
Tinsel & Tails Piano Concert – December 7, 2017, Riverside Church
Vino & Fido
Paws for a Cause Silent Auction and Social
Vaccination and Microchip Clinic – 1-2 times per year, dates and locations vary

Corporate Giving Opportunities
Donations of new items to our Paws for a Cause event are appreciated as are donations of dog-related equipment (toys, leashes, collars, training treats) throughout the year.

Sponsorships can be made toward the care of a particular dog; toward our spay/neuter, vaccination or urgent care funds; or toward portions of our events.

Donations may be made through our website:
hoodriveradoptadog.org or at Hood River Adopt A Dog, PO Box 475, Hood River, OR 97031. Donations of goods (toys, leashes, collars, treats, canned food) may be left in our donation dropbox at the shelter at any time.

More volunteers are ALWAYS welcome!

At-shelter: Twice daily Dog Care/Exercise/Training, Adoption Counseling, Dog Behavior Assessment, Videography, Veterinary Care, Office Work

Out-of-shelter: FOSTERING, Fundraising Events, Adoption Follow Up Calls, Doggie Transport, Dog for a Day Outing, Flier Creation/Distribution.


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