Your Guide to non-profits in the Columbia River Gorge

Gorge Owned

PO Box 402
Hood River, OR 97031

Gorge Owned (GO) is a member-sup-ported 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that champions locally-owned, community-oriented, and sustainable businesses. We promote sustainability at home, work, and in our communities, and bring people together across the Columbia River Gorge to foster meaningful connections to this unique place. We envision active and engaged communities, where people feel connected to each other and the natural world, and understand the enduring impact of daily choices.

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Gorge Owned was founded in 2003 as the Columbia Gorge Earth Center (CGEC), promoting the link between ecology, economy, and com-munity. CGEC emerged across five counties in Oregon and Washington as a resource for locals to discover and practice sustainable living. Over its history, CGEC incubated numerous projects, among them the Gorge Grown Food Network and Gorge Rebuild-it Center. In 2010, CGEC, along with founder Becky Brun, launched the Gorge Owned Business Network to strengthen and support local businesses and a resilient local economy. In 2013, CGEC rebranded as Gorge Owned, maintaining roots in sustainability, as well as flagship programs GO! Local and the Sense of Place Lecture Series.
Gorge Owned member businesses and non-profits are locally-owned, independent businesses that conduct business in a conscious way — proactively engaged with their communities, committed to the well-being of their neighbors and employees, and striving for more sustainable business practices. Individual members of GO support the organization’s efforts to forward sustainability in the Gorge, and bring high quality events such as the Sense of Place lecture series to the community. Gorge Owned is also proud to sponsor our program partner Leaders for Tomorrow, as well as the Hear in the Gorge podcast series.


Individual and Business Membership

Gorge Owned members are among a movement of individuals and businesses from all walks of life; families, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, local leaders, and changemakers that are passionate about building resilient and connected local communities.

Direct Program Sponsorship and Support

Sustainable Impact Series: The successor to Gorge Owned’s GO! Solar program, the Sustainable Impact Series will launch in 2019 and empower local residents and business owners with practical tools for sustainable living.

Tod J. LeFevre Sustainability Awards: This annual award presented by Gorge Owned around Earth Day is named after Tod J. LeFevre, a true champion of sustainability. This award honors Tod and his humble determination to collaboratively tackle environmental problems, through his business and through community

Pay it Forward Program: Invest in com-munity and sponsor basic business mem-bership for a local business that could use a leg up. Your sponsorship allows Gorge Owned to offer marketing support for one year to a local business that may be recov-ering from an economic setback.

Sense of Place Lecture Series: The Sense of Place lecture series is truly a unique cultural asset. While both highly educa-tional and relevant, presentations never fail to entertain, inspire, and challenge the audience. A concerted effort is made to host high-quality presenters who are ex-perts in their fields — authors, historians, artists, movers and shakers.

GO! Short Film Series: The GO! Short Film Series tackles issue advocacy with films that resonate through the power of local storytelling.

GO! Local: GO! Local helps customers easily identify locally owned businesses and creates opportunities for them to con-nect with one another, ensuring that more money stays in our local economy.

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