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Diversity Studio

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McGehee Iron and Electric


1200 Tucker rd

Hood River, OR 97031

(208) 304-5216 MISSION & VISION

Diversity Studio is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing artistic enrichment activities to members of the disabled community.

As a studio, we aim to empower and enrich the lives of those with developmental and intellectual disabilities, enabling them to grow as dignified people and enrich their lives through art.

We support the discovery and development of a self-defined, supportive and participatory culture, and identity for those with disabilities or as we like to say, unique abilities!

Program Overview

Diversity Studio was launched in 2017, founded by Toni Sheppard, a personal support worker for members of the special needs community.

the program was born out of a deficit of activities available and affordable to our clientele, many of whom are on a fixed income or are reliant on state assistance.

Diversity Studio is currently divided into three classes: arts and crafts class has been the longest running and provides a variety of materials and processes for making art, including painting with water colors and acrylics, as well as pottery, usually with a seasonal flavor. these classes follow a general -outline, but artists are encouraged to experiment and follow their inspiration.

Our second class is the John Owre Memorial Garden, so named for our departed friend and artist, which recently concluded its first season providing gardening activities for our artists who can learn about growing food, as well as produce for those same artists and their families.

At Diversity Studio, we believe in the importance of healthy, locally sourced foods for everyone regardless of income.

Our third class is dance, which is the most recent addition to Diversity Studio and is taught by professional dancer Nika Kermani. We believe in the power of movement for our health and happiness.

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