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Mission Statement
The mission of Columbia Gorge CASA is to advocate for the best interests of children in foster care in Wasco, Hood River and Sherman Counties.
Child welfare and judicial systems whose primary focus is the wellbeing of children in a process that moves quickly to find a loving, safe and permanent home for every child.
• Child centered decision making.
• Expedited processes to minimize child trauma.
• A safe, loving, permanent home for each child.
• The profound impact that well trained and supported community volunteers can have on the lives of children.
• Honorable and respectful involvement in the child welfare system, with the courts and all parties.
• Inclusiveness, diversity, respect for all cultures and ethnicities: for children, families, volunteers, staff, Board, and supporters.
• Excellence in all our endeavors.



Last year, nearly 200 children on the Oregon side of the Gorge found themselves in foster care. They were removed from their homes because of abuse & neglect – often after being exposed to substance abuse, criminal behavior, violence, unstable housing, poor support systems, inconsistent health care and/or the presence of mental health issues.

In foster care, instead of experiencing a typical childhood these children adjusted to new foster homes, transitioned to new schools, new friends, and new lives. Most were placed in much needed local foster homes, some in treatment facilities and, yes, some temporarily resided in local hotels. Foster care is a rough road to walk down alone and that is where CASA comes in.

Columbia Gorge CASA is the only program that recruits, trains, and supervises community volunteers who are authorized by the court to advocate for children in foster care. Last year, 61 CASA volunteers advocated for 156 children in Wasco, Hood River and Sherman counties.

CASA volunteers develop a consistent relationship with their assigned child, they communicate with case workers, interview biological and foster parents and other family members, ensures the child receives necessary medical care, looks out for their educational interests, and makes recommendations in court regarding the child’s needs – including permanent placement of the child. Most importantly, CASAs serve as a constant person for that child to count on during a very tumultuous time.

Community investment in local CASA programs saves thousands of dollars in federal, state and local government expenses. It is an effective program of well-trained and supported court-appointed community volunteers stepping forward to deliver greater efficiency in government systems and significantly improved outcomes for the abused and neglected children that they serve. We welcome your support!



Join our dedicated community of volunteers and advocate for a local child in foster care! Our winter training begins after the holidays. Call today to find out more.


Can’t be a CASA volunteer? Donate so that other’s can.

Planned Giving

Give CASA an enduring foundation by contributing to the CASA fund within the Gorge Community Foundation or include CASA in your estate planning.

2017 CASA Annual Appeal

Double your donation! This year donors in each of the three counties we serve have joined forces to offer our largest match yet and we need your help to meet it! All donations received from December through January will be matched, up to $7,000. There has never been a better time to support children in foster care by donating to CASA.

Corporate Giving

Like Hattenhauer Distributing, partner with CASA in a visible and meaningful way by sponsoring one of our fund raisers or develop a CASA employee match program.

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